An appeal of Bożenna Urbanowicz-Gilbride, a Polish Catholic Holocaust survivor, to the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu (recorded in February 2018). Urbanowicz-Gilbride survived Chemnitz, a German Nazi slave labor camp in Third Reich.

The camp was liberated by American troops in 1945. In 1947 she emigrated with her parents to the United States and after more than 60 years she described her experience in “Children of Terror,” a film produced at Rider University by Dr. Shawn Kildea and Gina Grosso.

The film combines the stories of two female survivors of the Holocaust: Inge Auerbacher, a German Jew, survived Terezin, a German Nazi concentration camp located in what is now the Czech Republic and Bożenna Urbanowicz-Gilbride, Catholic Pole, survived Chemnitz.

Please watch the message of Bożenna Urbanowicz-Gilbride to students of the Xaverian High School, a Catholic Private School in Brooklyn, New York.