Stacey Fitzgerald

Stacey Fitzgerald is an independent filmmaker and the producer of the feature-length documentary “Saving the Rabbits of Ravensbrück”. This film tells the story of how an international group of women resistance fighters during WWII united to fight back against their Nazi captors in Ravensbrück, the largest women’s only concentration camp in the Third Reich.   Not only did they manage to save the “Rabbits” – the 63 young Polish resistance fighters who were subjected to horrific experimental surgeries and slated for execution – but ensured that the young women lived to testify at the Nuremberg trials against their Nazi doctors.  This film, currently in post-production, tells the true story that inspired the instant NYT bestseller, Lilac Girls, and is told by the women who lived it.

Stacey also directed and co-produced the Emmy award-winning A Southern Celtic Christmas Concert, an hour-long broadcast special that celebrates and explores the musical and spiritual connections, and the Christmas traditions, of Ireland and Appalachia. The film combines the magical performances of world-class musicians and Grammy award-winning performers from both sides of the Atlantic, with interviews from the artists and songwriters themselves.  The program currently in national rotation on PBS.

In addition, Stacey co-produced and directed a feature-length comedy starring Grammy nominee, Shawn Mullins.  She has also produced and directed television commercials for various nonprofit clients, including the Special Olympics.  She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Finance at the University of Alabama and is currently a member of UA’s President’s Cabinet.   She lives in Atlanta with her husband and her 6-year-old twin daughters.


Stacey Fitzgerald with one of the Polish victims of the Nazi German concentration camp Ravensbrück. Copyright: Stacey Fitzgerald.