Professor Tadeusz Wolsza

Tadeusz Wolsza is a Polish historian and social scientist, professor at the Institute of History of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN); lecturer at the Casimir the Great University in Bydgoszcz (Poland), and Board member of the Warsaw Institute of National Remembrance since 2011.

Professor Wolsza is the author of over 200 publications including 11 books. He specializes, among others, in the history of Soviet repressions of Polish citizens. He is one of the leading experts dealing with the Katyn massacre, a series of mass executions of Polish military officers and intelligentsia carried out by the Soviet NKVD (secret police) in April and May 1940.

Soviet secret police systematically shot and killed 22,000 Poles. Most of them were top Polish Army officers, political leaders, government officials, policemen, priests, rabbis, and intellectuals. The topic of professor Wolsza’s lecture during the “Poland First to Fight” conference will be “The Katyn massacre and Katyn lie on the international arena.”