Professor Svetlana Beltyukova

Svetlana Beltyukova, PhD, is a Professor in the Research and Measurement Program at the University of Toledo and one of the managing partners of Inference, LLC. Her expertise is in the development of surveys, assessments, benchmarks, and scoring systems for high-stakes decision-making across a variety of settings. She has published in top tier journals advocating for increasing the rigor of research and evaluation with the use of valid instruments for data collection. She has been instrumental in introducing and popularizing the use of the Rasch measurement model both nationally and internationally and in many fields, including education, counseling, pharmaceutical education, physician assistant education, speech and language research, health care research, and European Union and NATO perceptions studies. Svetlana has also extensive experience in designing and conducting evidence-based studies and evaluations and holds an additional PhD in Cognitive Linguistics.

During the conference, professor Beltyukova will present the application of instruments allowing to precisely measure the perception of Poles in the United States.