Professor Peter Paprzycki

Peter Paprzycki is a Visiting Professor in the School of Education at the University of Southern Mississippi and a consultant for a Mississippi Center for Clinical & Translational Research (MCCTR) grant. He is also a Senior Research Analyst at Inference, LLC. Peter specializes in statistical modeling and applications of hierarchical linear models, meta-analysis and measurement. His breadth of expertise in both theory and application helps demonstrate the science behind each solution as well as benefits and drawbacks of competing approaches. Peter also holds an MA in Research and Evaluation and an MBA with specialization in investment finance. He has Fortune 500 company experience in treasury, sales and operations. Peter currently resides in Toledo, OH.

Peter’s presentation will focus on the applications of the Rasch measurement models in the study of public perceptions and how these models could be specifically utilized in the study of public external perceptions of the role of Poland in World War Two.