Coalition of Polish Americans is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting the interests of Polish Americans. The Coalition of Polish Americans monitors, expresses its views, and acts upon local, state, national and international issues of particular concern to the Polish American community.

Polish Media Issues is a worldwide group whose aim is to fight any anti-Polish bias in the media. Established in 2005 gathers an international group of moderators and leaders based in the USA and Europe, one of the founding organizations for British Poles.

Polish American Congress

The Polish American Congress, an “umbrella” organization, is a federation of over 3000 Polish American organizations and clubs, ranging from national fraternal benefit societies, such as the Polish National Alliance, Polish Women’s Alliance, Polish Roman Catholic Union, Polish Falcons and others, including veteran, cultural, professional, religious and social associations, with aggregate membership of over one million. The PAC by-laws also provide for individual membership, as well as associate membership.