Grzegorz Berendt is a Polish historian, professor at the University of Gdańsk, member of the Institute of National Remembrance Gdańsk office, member of the Scientific Council of the Jewish Historical Institute, and deputy director of the Museum of the Second World War (Gdańsk). He specializes in the history of Polish Jews and the population of Gdańsk Pomerania in the 20th century.

His current research encompasses Polish-Jewish relations during the Holocaust, the extermination of Jews in Polesie and Polish government policy towards the Jewish population. He has conducted archival and library research in Belarus and Ukraine, in Denmark, Finland, Israel, Germany, and the United States. He is the author of approximately 90 scientific publications and over 30 popular science publications. His scientific achievements include three independent monographs and the co-authorship of seven books. He authored among others: Jews in the territory of the Free City of Gdańsk in the years 1920-1945; Jews at the Gdańsk Crossroads (1945-1950); Jewish life in Poland in the years 1950-1956. From the history of the Social and Cultural Society of Jews in Poland and In the shadow of PZPR. Activities of the Social and Cultural Society of Jews in Poland under the communist regime (1950-1989). In the years 2007-2008, he coordinated a study dedicated to Polish citizens who were repressed by the German Nazi invaders for helping Jews. 

He is a member of the Polish Historical Society, the Gdańsk Scientific Society and the Kashub Institute. He is the chairman of the Stutthof Museum Council and a member of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum Council, and the Historical and Program Collegium of the European Solidarity Centre. He also belongs to the editorial office of the scientific journal of the Historical Department of the University of Gdańsk “Studia Historica Gedanensia.”

Source: Website of the University of Gdansk and website of the Museum of the Second World War.