Edward Mosberg is a Polish Jew who survived the German concentration camp in Mauthausen. His grandparents and parents perished in the German death camp Bełżec. He recalled:

“In 1941 Germans declared that all the Jews from the city of Krakow have to move to another location. And we had a big apartment, my grandparents had a big apartment. One of my aunt’s had an apartment, she was a lawyer, another one was also. They moved us all together to one apartment with two bedrooms. So many people. And then they started making the ghettoes smaller. So they started moving people out. My grandparents, my parents’ cousins. They told me that they had to go resettle in another part of Poland. They brought them into Bełżec. Bełżec was not a concentration camp. Bełżec was an extermination camp. And they were murdered there.”