DAY 3 – NOVEMBER, 20 2019


8:00 am

Presentation of the documentary My Home India, a little-known story of unimaginable humanity, generosity and kindness. Towards the end of WW2 the Polish ambassadorial team in Bombay, led by the determined heroine, Kira Banasinska and supported by local Indian communities including the principalities of Kolhapur, Jamnagar and several others, dispatched a convoy of food relief and other essentials, thousands of miles to Iran, where Polish refugees from Soviet Siberian labour camps had found their way on foot and were suffering, mal-nourished. Directed by Anjali Bhushan based on research of Małgorzata Czausow. Skype connection with the Indian director

8:50 am

Prof. Krzysztof Kosiński
National movement in occupied Poland – negative stereotypes

9:10 am

Prof. Danusha V. Goska
Negative sterotypes of Poles in popular American culture

9:30 am

Prof. Sean McMeekin
Making Stalin Happy – Allies Betrayal of Poland

9:50 am

Alberto Trujillo
Perception of Poland in the Second World War in the Spanish speaking world

10:00 am

Panel discussion*
Distorting the history of World War II


End of the conference

Moderator of the discussion: Marcin Makowski, journalist
Confirmed panelists:
– Prof. Andrzej Kaminski – historian, professor emeritus Georgetown university
– Alberto Trujillo – founder and president of the Polish-Spanish Historical and Cultural Association “Poland First to Fight”
– Stefan Komar – son of a Warsaw Uprising insurgent whose Battalion Zośka was awarded the Righteous Among the Nations medal for liberating Gesiowka concentration camp in Poland’s capital, Stefan Komar has been fighting for years against historically false and offensive terms like “Polish death camps”, among others as a member of the Polish Media Issues group