Daniel Mark Zamoyski is Deputy Leader of the Polish Media Issues (PMI) Group, which began in 2005 to actively and robustly obtain corrections to errors, misrepresentations and lies about Poland and Poles in a range of media, now primarily digital.

Dan has been a member of the PMI management team since 2012, also serving as the Press Contact: E:  info@polishmediaissues.online

Dan’s paternal grandparents immigrated to the USA from Poland in 1911, during the last few years of the Third Partition. With his parents thereby being first generation Polish Americans, Dan is 100% Polish genetically, and is a second generation Polish American by birth in Chicago. He himself immigrated to England in 1981, and has become a naturalised UK citizen, so he carries two passports, and travels freely between these two countries.

This somewhat unusual genetic, cultural and citizenship background has provided Dan with a fairly unique perspective on the histories, relationships, cultures and interactions of the USA, UK and Poland. Unlike most people of his generation in the UK, USA and Poland, his 14 months of military service in combat during 1969-70 in Vietnam, as a consequence of the legally mandatory (for males) USA Selective Service (the “Draft”), also gives him a somewhat deeper insight into what those brave Poles who were the “First to Fight” actually experienced in WW2.

With a B.Sc. in Chemistry, and an MBA, Dan has not had an academic career, outside of teaching full time for a year in the College of Business at Northern Illinois University just after the MBA degree earned there. His career progressed from organic chemicals research, to brief academia, to corporate work for USA oil and chemicals companies, to a wider range of companies in the UK. He started up his own business & management consultancy company in 1990, advantage-mgmt.co.uk. Since 2011 he has been semi-retired, allowing him to focus on Polish history, politics, international interactions and genealogy research – and on the essential work carried out by the Polish Media Issues Group.

Research Topics & Interviews: Dan designed and managed the innovative PMI-sponsored research in 2015 into the (insufficient !) levels of knowledge held by UK Adults about WW2 history, which he presented that year at the Polish University Abroad (PUNO) Conference in London. The published paper will be made available at the Conference. His most recent video interviews include: February 2019 by TVP/Poland_In, about the PMI Group;  on August 1st during Patrick Ney’s “Warsaw Uprising44” livestream event (viewable on Youtube at https://youtu.be/6Rz3bc_zqhw?t=31253 ), about his thoughts on the 2019 Rising44 commemorations. Dan has also held discussions with Polish government officials and Foreign Ministry staff in Warsaw, London, Edinburgh and Chicago, including an introduction to PM Morawiecki on 1 August this year.