Christoph Schwarz is a teacher, author, filmmaker, and curator of exhibitions. In 2014, he founded “Abducted Children – Forgotten Victims”, an association which deals with the fate and compensation of children abducted during the Second World War. From Poland alone, 200,000 children were forcibly abducted and germanized.

As a curator, he has organized a traveling exhibition “Abducted children – forgotten victims”, which has already been shown in several German cities such as Cologne, Stuttgart, Leipzig, and Hamburg, and seen by more than 100,000 people.

In January 2019 the documentary “Abducted Children” (140 min) was presented. 2006 to 2012, Christoph Schwarz was a curator of the exhibition “By the German Reichsbahn to death”. 2008, he was a curator of the exhibition “Nazis – Terror against Young People.” He published “Persecuted Children and Adolescents from Baden-Württemberg 1933-1945.”

During the conference, Schwarz will present the fate of Polish children kidnapped by Nazi Germany.